Stand Up For Recovery!

This is amazing! I might not be an American, but the fact that people are standing up, showing their strength and courage, and their vulnerability is definitely something that needs be applauded and supported. Please read this and reblog, post and share!!


If you ever feel alone in your recovery journey, please know that there are an estimated 23 million people in long-term recovery in the United States alone! That is absolutely astounding!

MANY FACES 1 VOICE is a multi-faceted campaign to mobilize people in recovery, family members, friends and allies to advance the addiction recovery advocacy movement. We are moms and dads, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters – all bringing the power and proof of recovery to our communities. Together we will change public perception, and ultimately the public response to the addiction crisis…FOREVER.

Will you join us?


On March 1st, the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, a founding partner of the ManyFaces1Voice call-to-action campaign, will host a free online stream of The Anonymous People via the Hazelden Social Community. (You must join the online community to watch, but joining is free).

On that day, people from all over the…

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