Kúbler-Ross and the five stages of grieving in substance abuse

Excellent blog post about the five stages of grieving (substance abuse). Really thought-provoking and I remember going through this is my early recovery(s). Certainly didn’t manage to move into long-term recovery (after many personal promises and two spectacular relapses) until I finally managed to move through all four stages preceding Acceptance…

And Everything Afterwards

Kubler-Ross, who really should have a little umlaut on her U but I do not have the html skills to facilitate that, wrote about the five stages of grief after working extensively with terminally ill patients.  That much I knew.  What I didn’t know, until today, was that she expanded her model to deal with a number of other forms of grief, including break-ups and addiction.  

Here’s the Wikipedia summary of how the model applies to addiction recovery:


People feel that they do not have a problem concerning alcohol or substances. Even if they do feel as if they might have a small problem they believe that they have complete control over the situation and can stop drinking or doing drugs whenever they want. Example: “I don’t have to drink all of the time. I can stop whenever I want.”


The anger stage of abusers relates…

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