Whatever we think about and thank about…

This week I had the immense privilege of attending a Dr. John Demartini talk in Johannesburg.  Over the years I have heard people mention him and never really been too curious about him, possibly because of all the hype that goes with being endorsed by countless household names.  For some reason that often puts me off something a little, and that’s something else that I was exposed t this week, but more on me and my “rebellious child” later.  When I saw him standing next to the stage I again wondered what all the fuss is about, as he is a seemingly unassuming man who you’d possibly walk past in the street.  But if I was ever caught of judging a book by its cover, I was well and truly at fault of it on Tuesday afternoon.

From the moment the man opened his mouth and started talking about how knowing our core values can determine our truth purpose in life, I was mesmerised.  And there are not that many people who truly take my breath away.  I’m often a little too quick to get irritated by the things that apparent experts advocate, but Dr Demartini blew me away with his authenticity,  knowledge and dare I say, pure genius.  The hour that he was on stage was over all too quickly and left me wanting more…a sensation that I am all too familiar with and I am sure you can relate to.  But this longing was a thirst for information and further insight into his ideas and processes.  It was an emotionally charged experience for me and I was conscious of the tears that flowed freely during certain parts of his talk when he shared how we do not need internal motivation when we are living our true purpose.  That when we are true to our core values we are inspired to undertake the work we have chosen and deeply engaged in what we are doing.  

I can only admire a man who has read close to 30,000 books, is passionate about the work he does and has made it his life’s mission to help people discover their unique purpose and personal magnificence.  I’m still debating trying to scrape the money together to attend his “Breakthrough Experience” later this year.  I’m also working through the book on my own, but this has always been something that is more challenging for me to do, especially when I come across something that I find difficult to relate to.  But I have definitely caved out some time in the next few days to do the work around determining my values.  I’ve always thought that my core value was integrity, but listening to him speak I came to realise that family, education, personal connections and knowledge are also values that I saw more as areas of importance.  I understood that values were more based along moral lines, traits that are central to who we consider ourselves to be.  But if I think more along the lines of how I can align my work with what is intrinsically important to me, it suddenly makes a lot more sense to me.  So I am excited about doing the work over the next couple of days and really pinpointing what it is that gives me purpose in life.  I have a fairly good idea, having done a lot of work over the last eighteen months around purpose and personal power.

Something else that I was introduced to in any detail this week was “Transactional Analysis“.  I’ve heard the term being tossed around, but never explored it any further and then attended a session on Friday afternoon about it, with the central idea being that we strive for a situation in relationships of “I’m okay!  You’re okay!”  It was an interesting hour and is another thing that I am going to spend more time looking into over the coming days and weeks.  It’s about what part of our self we approach relationships, interactions and conversations from and the ego state we are in when we do.  Are we approaching situations and people as a parent, an adult or a child.  The crux of the theory is that depending on what ego state we are in, will depend on how others react and relate to us.  And going back to my initial mention of “rebellious child” I see myself so often to wanting to accept the endorsement of people and ideas, because I don’t want to be another blind follower.  

But I have to admit that after the hour I was again left wanting more information around the topic and a healthy curiosity like that is always most welcome.  The more I surround myself with a balance of positive, healthy activities and relationships the more rich and rewarding my life becomes.  Things seem to flow into one another and each new avenue of interest seems to lead to situations that give me the room to develop on these ideas, thoughts and processes.  My journey never fails to inspire and challenge me, because there are still times when I question the path I have chosen.  But then something wonderfully serendipitous will happen to reinforce my choices and decisions and I am left in a state on wonder.  Learning to trust in recovery has been a central part of my ongoing wellness and the more I trust, both myself, others and the universe, the more I have reason to believe that we all have a very specific purpose to pursue and that we are all here for a reason.  And as Dr Demartini says, “Whatever we think about and thank about we bring about.

think about and thank about

‘Til next time

Sober Something

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